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Youth hockey associations benefit immensely from the formation of committees, as these groups bring together community members with specific skills and interests to address the diverse needs of the association. This approach not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations but also fosters a collaborative environment where everyone has a role to play. Committees are essential in ensuring that our young athletes have the best possible experience and opportunities for growth, both on and off the ice.

Below you will see some active opportunities to join one of our committees. If you would like to sign up, click here

Event Committee (6-10 members)

Position Overview: As a member of the Event Committee, you will play a key role in the planning and execution of various association events. This position involves collaborative planning, budgeting, and managing logistical aspects of events to ensure their success.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaboratively plan and organize key events such as Rock the Rink and the End of the Year Academic Awards Banquet, among others.
  • Propose and manage event budgets, submitting them for approval to the board of directors.
  • Coordinate with vendors and partners for specific event needs, specifically for in house traveling tournaments and AAHA based jamborees.
  • Ensure adequate staffing for each event, coordinating with the Volunteer Director to supplement committee manpower as necessary.
  • Maintain regular communication and report to an assigned board member regarding event progress and outcomes.
  • Ability to work flexible hours, including weekends, as required by event schedules.


  • Full DIB credits for the year.

Sponsorship/ Fundraising Committee (2-4 people)

Position Overview: As a member of the Sponsorship/Fundraising Committee, you will play a crucial role in securing financial support for the association through various fundraising activities and sponsorships. This position involves strategic planning, budgeting, and managing fundraising initiatives to meet the association’s financial goals.

Key Responsibilities:

Plan and Organize Fundraising Activities: Develop and implement fundraising initiatives such as Heggies pizza sales, silent auctions, restaurant fundraisers, Calendar Raffle, and Vertical Raise campaigns.

• Coordinate Fundraising at Events: Manage fundraising efforts during association events, ensuring successful execution and maximum participation.

• Secure Sponsorships: Identify and approach potential sponsors, building and maintaining relationships with companies to secure sponsorships.

• Tournaments Fundraising and Sponsorships: Work with sponsorships and fundraising activities specifically for hosted tournaments, ensuring maximum engagement and support from sponsors.

• Budget Management: Propose and manage budgets for fundraising activities, submitting them for approval to the board of directors.

• Collaboration: Work closely with other committees and volunteers to ensure adequate support and resources for fundraising efforts.

• Report to the Board: Maintain regular communication and report to an assigned board member regarding fundraising progress and outcomes.

• Flexible Hours: Ability to work flexible hours, including weekends, as required by fundraising schedules.


• Full DIB Credits for the Year.

MENTOR Committee (FULL)

As a Mentorship Program Committee Member, you will help guide and develop the youth hockey mentorship program. This role involves promoting the program, organizing events, supporting mentors, and ensuring the program’s success and growth.

Key Responsibilities:

Program Promotion and Pairing:

• Promote the program at team practices and handle mentor applications and pairings.

Event Planning and Execution:

• Organize and run events such as training sessions, open skates, community service, and the end-of-year party.

Mentor Support:

• Provide monthly check-ins and support to mentors.


• Secure donations for the end-of-year party.

Communication Management:

• Oversee year-round communications and gather feedback via surveys.

Event Supervision:

• Supervise open skates and other program events.

Program Development:

• Plan for the program’s future growth and direction.


• Full DIB Credits for the Year.