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Anoka Mini Cyclones Hockey Program

Our ever popular free program "Mini Cyclones" is BACK for 2021-2022

Watch for us in the Ramsey Happy Days Parade on September 11th or come visit our booth in the Happy Days Expo!

The Mini Cyclones program is designed for 1st time skaters and those learning how to skate.  Typically ages 3-6.

Parent Information

Parents and new skaters welcome to the Anoka Hockey Mini Cyclone Program.  Before we start the program, we just want to pass along some tips so your child can have a very enjoyable experience.  Equipment and skates are the basic components to becoming a hockey player and correct size and comfort are a must.  Below are some helpful tips.


It is very important that your child is fitted for his/her correct size.  Hand-me-down skates that are too big or too small will not help your child.  They have to fit correctly.  Hat Trick Hockey will be happy to fit your child with the correct size and comfort.  763-427-4545

  • Please make sure they are correctly sharpened. Sharp skates are a must to learn proper technique. Hat Trick Hockey has reduced sharpening for Mini Cyclone Skaters.

  • Do not over tighten.  Skates should be snug but not overly tight.  Over tightening will result in lack of circulation to the feet causing cold and sore feet. Kids will not enjoy learning to skate if their feet are cold and hurt.  Please ask a helper if you are unsure.

NUMBER 2:  Shin Pads

  • Please have your child wear sweat pants over the shin pads and under the hockey breezers.This will keep them warm and prevent the shin pads from falling off.Use a little hockey tape or straps to keep them in place.

  • DO NOT put the shin pads on the outside. They must be covered by sweat pants or hockey socks.  I do not recommend hockey socks at this age because they will not stay up.You can buy any cotton sweat pant at Walmart or Target. Get them a color they like.   



Just emphasizing the importance of proper fitting equipment.  From the helmet to the skates.  Your skater will enjoy his/her experience if the equipment fits properly.  Just ask any helper, board member or the staff at Hat Trick Hockey.



The goal of the Mini Cyclone program is to introduce your child to hockey, learn some basic skating/hockey skills, but most of all, have fun. 

I can be reached on my cell phone or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Coach Rob:   612-209-9143

If you are borrowing equipment, we will be collecting a $150 deposit check made payable to Anoka Area Hockey Association (or AAHA).  This check will NOT be cashed if you return the equipment to us at the end of the season.

Age:  Typically 3 -6 Years old

Recommended For:
1st time skaters or just learning how to skate
* Girls & Boys to try hockey without full time commitment
Emphasis on Fun & Basic Skating Instruction

Dates and Time:  time TBD but will likely be late morning
(Dec 11, Dec 18,  Jan 15, Jan 22, Jan 29,  Feb 5 & Feb 12)  

Equipment will be provided (limited at this time)
* Parents must provide skates
Mini Cyclone Jersey provided

To Register:
Click Registration Link on top of page.
Sign and turn in Mini Cyclone Release form at 1st session attended
Write a deposit check for the equipment used from AAHA $150

Unlike most hockey programs this one has no fundraiser commitment, no USA hockey fees, or Parent volunteer hours

Parents: Coaches and Volunteers apply during the Fall Registration Open House to be out on the ice to help ALL children.   You MUST have permission, SKATES and HELMET to be on the ice at all times. 

If you have any questions regarding AAHA's Mini Cyclone program, or  AAHA's Try Hockey for Free event, please contact the Anoka Recruitment and Retention Director - Rebecca Patrick at